Do you want to have a glass of wine without regrets? These are the ones with the least calories

We have the magic words. Summer. Beach. Friends. Afternoons free … and hopelessly with social life, come the terraces. The beach bars. Beers and wine glasses. Not to mention the portions (even if they are half, they are equal calories) and the bowls of chips and peanuts.

In this desperate loop to keep your weight at bay (and take care of your health), you can always choose to order a carbonated water and peck olives. However, and as we know that falling into temptation is easier than it seems, you need to have this information. Are you in love with a glass of cold white wine among friends? If the answer is 'Sure!', We have a piece of news to give you: we have selected the white wine varieties with fewer calories.

In order (from least to greatest), they are the following:

Albariño and Ribeiro, (61-85), Prosecco, (71), Sauvignon, (77), Chenin Blanc, (80), Riesling, (80), Muscat, (84), Chardonay, (85), Cava and champagne , (71-76), Muscat, (84), Chamomile, (124) and Sparkling, (190).

If instead you prefer sweet wines such as Malaga or Pedro Ximénez, you will face about 105-150 calories per glass.


And if you are not a fan of wine, we have the 'low carb' drinks that you can order to continue with your 'fitness' plan. At least, yes, until the croquettes arrive.

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