Do you want to avoid cognitive decline? Bet on the mushrooms!

The consumption of mushrooms in elderly people would considerably reduce the risk of cognitive deterioration and dementia. This is confirmed by a study that included 663 participants over 60 years of age (90 with cognitive impairment and 573 without any problem related to it).(one). They all had to answer a questionnaire about the frequency with which they consumed up to six different types of mushrooms, including oyster mushroom, shiitake, etc.

They were able to verify that those people affected by cognitive deterioration were also the ones who consumed less mushrooms. And specifically, those who consumed around 300 g a week had a 50% lower risk of developing cognitive impairment.

These results confirm the neuroprotective effects of fungi, since they inhibit the production of amyloid beta, phosphorylated tau and acetylcholinesterase (substances very present in patients with cognitive impairment) and are also rich in ergothioneine (an important antioxidant), in vitamin D, in selenium and in vitamins of group B.


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