Do you walk your dog during the coronavirus crisis? Well, you better be disinfecting his legs …

The General Directorate for Animal Rights He explains it to us very clearly: there is no scientific evidence that shows that our pets suffer or transmit the coronavirus. So all lovers of cats, dogs, canaries and others, we can breathe easy and enjoy our companions as before, yes, washing our hands after petting them if we are at home and using hand sanitizer if we are in the Street. But every rule has an exception: those happy owners of a pet that needs strolling down the street three times a day should be extremely hygienic for your furry companions after each walk. The goal is for both the dog's tail and pads to be 100% virus and coronavirus free.

How and with what to clean dog pads to prevent coronavirus

Disinfecting the dog's pads and tail after walks should be part of the walk ritual from now on. This measure, which also recommends the General Directorate for Animal Rights, is intended to prevent that the coronavirus enters our homes using our pets as a taxi to do it (a remote possibility, but better prevention than cure, right?).

To carry out this cleaning there are several options. He Clinic Committee of the Official College of Veterinarians of Barcelona they give us three recipes. The first is to leave a plastic tray ready in the door of our house in which the dog can soak the pads in a 1:50 solution of water and bleach (20 ml of bleach for every liter of water). Don't worry because bleach doesn't irritate the skin of dog pads (although it can tear up your sofa upholstery if you don't dry the product well below).

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And can we directly use alcohol to disinfect? In principle yes, but as long as it is diluted: we can prepare a solution of 70 ml of 96 degree alcohol in 30 ml of water, although it should be noted that this system can be irritating to the animal's skin (more than anything because you are going to use it several times a day) and you must prevent the dog from sucking its paws (because alcohol is toxic to him if he ingests it).

The last option does not involve making chemical mixtures, but a bathtub: it is as simple as clean our dog's face, tail and paws with soap and water when entering the house and dry them with the dryer.

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