Do you wake up tired? These may be the reasons

Sleeping well is very important for good health and maintain a level of energy during the day that allows you to properly carry out all daily activities. If you get up already tired at the end of the day you will touch the exhaustion. What are the reasons why you wake up fatigued after sleeping for a reasonable number of hours?


If you feel that you wake up very tired despite trying to sleep longer, your mood does not accompany and rest does not relieve that fatigue, you have to pay attention to several factors to figure out what the problem is.

Change patterns

One of these factors is the routine, the body gets used to a certain daily routine and this is how it works best, with the marked biological rhythms and following its circadian cycles. Eating at approximately the same time, going to bed in the same time slot and getting up at a more or less fixed time helps the body to keep up a good pace, if these patterns are altered, the body that will try to readjust, similar to a jet lag or a time change, will also be altered. If for example you follow a routine weeks of marked schedules but on the weekend you skip them late at night and getting up late you will probably drag your tiredness all day despite having slept enough hours.


Sleep disorders

Difficulty falling asleep, night waking, sleep apnea or even bruxism (clenching your teeth while you sleep) they assume that the rest is not as restorative as it could be resulting in you getting very tired and tired. Consult with your specialist to treat these pathologies and they do not lead to major problems.

Bad habits

Ingesting alcohol or drinks with caffeine directly influences the quality of sleep and, therefore, the subsequent fatigue that you may drag the day after.


Although at first the alcohol can cause drowsiness and you can fall asleep quickly, surely you have night awakenings and agitation at night so you will get tired. Cola or coffee are stimulants so they have the nervous system on alert and it will cost you more to fall asleep.

A sedentary life and poor diet, copious meals, an excess of sugar and processed foods, are also factors that would directly influence rest, not forgetting that good sleep hygiene is necessary to achieve a restful sleep. An orderly and comfortable room, with a temperature between 19º and 22º, eliminate mobile devices at least two hours before bedtime, as well as light dinner and soon, are habits that will make you sleep like a baby and have more energy the next day.

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Anxiety and stress are bad companions when it comes to resting. The worries generate restlessness during sleep preventing you from sleeping soundly. In these cases it is best to try to leave all that discomfort aside, take a relaxing infusion such as tila or luisa herb, practice meditation or relaxation techniques to be able to leave you gladly in the arms of Morpheus.

Intestinal microbiota

The intestine is very important for health and many diseases are generated there. If your microbiota is altered it will directly affect your rest since it affects the production of certain hormones and neurotransmitters that would make you relax and sleep like a baby.

Take care of your microbiota eliminating or reducing sugar from your diet, taking prebiotic foods such as onion, leek or asparagus and natural probiotics such as kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut …

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