Do you use your mobile a lot? Prepare to live less, according to a study

The life 2.0 has brought us many joys: Instagram, Tinder and various applications that solve us trips, stays and even, they make us count of the expenses of the month. All a discovery, go. However, with the arrival of the 'smarthphone' has also come to our lives addiction, the need to be all day glued to the screen and diseases that are related to the continued use of phones.

That the cell phone is something that makes life simpler, true (thank you, Google maps), but we can not forget that since we have shared every moment with him, he has become one of the indisputable protagonists of our lives. Neither more nor less, young people spend an average of five hours a day using the device. Much more time than we spent consuming other types of content, including series and movies in streaming. So … What would happen if we lived more detached from the phone? Probably that we would look around us. Or simply enjoy without having to make a 'story' or upload a photo to Instagram.


If you thought that your rhythm of virtual life had no consequences … you were wrong. Dear reader, Using the mobile a lot can make you live less and not by radiation or other so-called hoaxes.

As reported by New York Times It is stress that can reduce your life expectancy. Why? The continuous use of mobile phones alters our stress levels. We are in a limbo in which the phone and what goes through it is the most important, so an unexpected message, a publication that surprises us or a notification that makes us feel sad can upset our mood, produce episodes of anxiety and therefore, generate a state of stress that does not help to live more years.

This added to the fact that if you already have an illness, stress only aggravates it, so the mobile does not benefit in any way to the situation.

A possible solution? Reduce its use on a daily basis to reduce its harmful effects on health. If you separate from him for two or three hours, quiet. We believe that nothing serious will happen. Instagram and your Tinder matches will still be there when you get back.

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