Do you think that eating aloe vera is crazy? It has many benefits

There is a magic word that heals everything (and no, it's not chocolate) aloe vera: the medicinal plant par excellence that puts remedy to anything.

Do you have a burn? Put aloe vera. Do you have dehydrated skin? Put aloe vera. Have you been bitten by a mosquito? Put aloe vera. Is it going wrong in your life? Buy yourself an aloe vera plant. Jokes aside, it is true that this plant is worth everything. It has countless health benefits that insurance, you know at face value, but … What if we told you that it can also be consumed?

Why is it beneficial?

The aloe vera is a plant full of nutrients and very rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, zinc or iron, a component that is found in its leaves in a primordial way so it becomes an ally to treat the anemia. It contains vitamin E, C and folic acid and protects the intestine to prevent constipation.

Another of its star components is anthraquinone, a substance widely used in medicine and pharmacy to treat infections or gastrointestinal diseases. It also works as a natural laxative and has great satiating power. So if you're on a diet, it's the perfect ingredient for your smoothies.

Do not you know how to eat it? Take it in tea, in smoothies or even in salads and soups. Now that summer is coming, the best thing you can do is include it in cold drinks cut into small dice.

The combinations are endless. Without a doubt, you need an aloe vera in your life. In addition, now that you make the beach your second home, besides eating it you can help with sunburn. There is no more versatile plant.

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