Do you sweat more than normal when you sleep? These may be the reasons

Nocturnal hyperdrosis is the phenomenon experienced by those who suffer from excessive sweating while they sleep. The feeling of discomfort it produces is Especially annoying if, in addition, you share a bed with another person. Although it can occur typically in summer, when the minimum temperatures exceed twenty degrees, it can become worrisome if there is no external factor that makes you sweat. In that case, it will be due to internal factors of the body's own thermoregulation.

This excess sweating usually manifests itself in the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet and the armpits especially, although in some people it appears throughout the body. In addition to body thermoregulation, it can be due to alterations in the endocrine system, cardiorespiratory and metabolic diseases and even certain types of tumors, according to the Sleep Institute.

It is especially important to avoid alcohol, caffeine, or spicy foods, as they induce night sweats before bed

The American magazine 'Real Simple' has spoken with Mehmet Oz, doctor and surgeon at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, who analyzed the causes of this phenomenon and, above all, what you can do to combat it.


"80% of women who enter this phase experience symptoms such as hot flashes and also night sweats"says Oz. "The worst thing about this natural phenomenon is that it is very likely to happen and can last around seven years or more. The best thing, that there are ways to alleviate and reduce the probability of it happening to you." How? The doctor assures that it is necessary to reduce the consumption of alcohol, spicy foods and caffeine. "It's especially important to avoid these triggers that induce night sweats before bed." You should also opt for comfortable, moisture-wicking pajamas. Similarly, clean the sheets frequently.

The medication you take

"Antidepressants or anti-hypertension drugs along with others may be the reason why you wake up in uncomfortable pools of sweat," explains the doctor. "This happens because these medicines usually affect the part of the brain that regulates sweat glands and internal body temperature. " What to do to fix it? In this case, consult with your family doctor to prescribe other types of medications.

The anxiety

As in waking periods, anxiety can be the trigger for excessive night sweats. Similarly, other of the most common symptoms associated with it is hypertension or a high heart rate. Being a mental disorder (so widespread, by the way), the solutions go beyond the physiological and fall within the mental spectrum. Therefore, if you want to stop suffering from anxiety, the best thing is that you go to a psychologist. And opt for healthy lifestyle habits to alleviate this annoying feeling: a good morning meditation with relaxing music is usually the best way to combat this type of evil in the contemporary world.


It is the condition suffered by those people who sweat more than they should. "Excess sweating generally occurs in one or two parts of the body, such as the palms of the hands, feet, armpits or head," says Oz. In this case, the doctor recommends go to a dermatologist to analyze and treat hyperdrosis: "it will help you find an antiperspirant that works perfectly for your skin type."


The thyroid is one of the most important glands in the body, since it is responsible for producing hormones that affect almost all organs and keeps metabolism under control. Therefore, when something goes wrong with this gland, it is possible that it also affects other functions of the body. Without going any further, a fast metabolism may seem ideal at first (especially for weight loss), but too many thyroid hormones can cause the body to overheat. If you think it is due to this cause, go to the doctor for a check-up and a blood test.

Possible infections

The most common cause of night sweats: having an infection, your body fights it and then fever occurs. When your body heats up, it is normal for you to suffer from night sweats, accompanied by other symptoms such as fatigue or muscle pain. In this case, as the popular current says, sweating is good since your body is eliminating toxins.

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