Do you suffer oxidative stress? Keys to understand it

The oxidative stress It is a very complex concept to understand. If you have been reading this term for weeks without understanding it very well, calm: we have selected the keys to understand what it is and how to remedy it. And food has a key role in this equation.

What is oxidative stress?

It is a process of cell deterioration In the long term and in severe cases, it can result in diseases such as Alzheimer's or cancer. What does this process consist of? When we breathe, we inhale a percentage of oxygen necessary for the cells, but which, when passing into the bloodstream, becomes free radicals that participate in the process of oxidation of the cells. By itself, it is not a harmful process while later removing these substances. When stored in the body, the problem comes, since these substances are harmful to the cells. At the moment when the metabolism is unable to eliminate them, the oxidative stress.

Although this term should not be misunderstood: the aging of the cells is completely normal, however, this stress refers to oxidation at large levels, premature and that can have serious consequences for health.

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What can be done to prevent before curing?

The Heart Foundation defines antioxidants as "compounds synthesized by plants in their different parts (fruits, leaves, branches, roots, etc.) characterized by having hydroxyl groups (OH) linked together by benzene rings" and these compounds, are the solution to oxidative stress.

The Selenium, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E They are the most common. Among its functions is to detoxify the organism from harmful substances, that is, free radicals and other toxic agents.

Foods that we must incorporate in the diet:





-Green Tea










-C pure cocoa

Given these foods, the most important thing is to follow a balanced diet based on real food, fleeing from the ultraprocessed, added sugars and saturated fats.

Are there other ways to avoid oxidative stress? Eliminating tobacco, reducing sun exposure and pollution.

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