Do you sleep with the television on? It's making you fat

Are you one of those who fall asleep while watching television at night? Does the dream defeat you and while you watch Netflix on your computer you are not able to finish the chapter? If the answer is two resounding 'yes'', worry. Because it may be affecting your diet.

If the scale is only giving you displeasure lately … It may be because of this habit that you have been doing all your life and that does not help you at the time of resting.


But why?

A study carried out by the National Institute of Health and published by the JAMA Internal Medicine has revealed that there is a clear relationship between artificial light at night and long-term weight gain. A surprise (quite unpleasant not to say undesirable) for everyone who lulled to the background sound of television.

The explanation is very simple: the light and the sound of the television does not allow us to optimally rest the hours of sleep, so we sleep worse and also, less hours. Which results in an imbalance in our habit.

The study was carried out with a sample composed of 44 thousand women between 35 and 74 years old. The results were surprising and negative for those who used to sleep with some kind of external and artificial light, but above all, for those who slept with the television or the computer turned on. Of the respondents, and taking into account their habits, 17% would be prone to raise 5kg, 13% would be prone to increase their Body Mass Index by 10%, 22% would be prone to be overweight and 33% would have high odds of developing obesity if this habit continues.

And the fact is that the key is to remember that the less you sleep, the more the appetite hormones are activated, which leads to a slow metabolism that will make you gain weight.

Who would say that the most important thing about the bikini operation was how you slept.

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