Do you often dream that you are late? Awake! Your brain is telling you that you are stressed

Sleeping eight hours each night not only helps our bodies rest and resets, it also makes us dream. And those dreams have a message for you. The bad news is that the 64% What we dream of produces unpleasant sensations in the face of scarce 36% remaining The good thing is that if we analyze what we dream every night we can make a very clear image of what is worrying us, because sometimes, with the rhythm of everyday life, we know that something is wrong, but not what. It's time to listen to what your brain wants to tell you while you sleep and listen to it.

I dream they chase me

It is not necessary to be a lynx to understand the meaning of this type of dreams. If it's any consolation on 80% of people They have dreamed the same at some point in their life. But what does it mean? Well, that you feel threatened by someone, but your dream is offering you the opportunity to change the tables and face those villains. Although it may also be that this threat is veiled and the evil never shows his face. In that case sharpen your intuition and check who is making you gas light at work, because your brain is trying to warn you that something smells rotten in Denmark …

And me with these hairs … and in scuba

Since appear naked at your cousin's wedding to introduce you in a swimsuit and scuba to an important work meeting everything fits into the category of dreams "I'm dying of shame." The 52% of the population He has faced this situation in his dreams and connects with something that makes us feel vulnerable. If you are a woman and the stage of your walk of shame is work, the expert psychologist in dream interpretation Patricia Garfield He warns that many women who live with anxiety need to reconcile their professional life with their personal life often suffer this dream. Is it time to ask for help to stop trying to do it all yourself?

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I'm late, I'm late … I've lost my plane

Or your train, or your bus … whatever gives you more anxiety. After that crazy night race he hides stress and anxiety. But your own dream is giving you the solution to the problem: your subconscious considers that what you are suffering during the day (and that you sometimes cope with tachycardia and in silence) is, in reality, a Lost opportunity. And he is giving you advice in the form of a nightmare: stop suffering for it, do not torture yourself and do not pursue the past, if one train left, another will arrive.

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