Do you know why children who sleep with their parents grow up to be more self-confident?

Sleeping next to your child offers multiple benefits and, therefore, you have to get rid of the myth. Look at this.

Last update: September 14, 2022

When children enter this world, many parents make sure to sleep in the same room during their first stage. This, in order to make sure that they are well and to be able to feed them every time they wake up.

But it is a reality that, as they grow up, many families do not let them fall asleep in the same bed. There is a widespread belief that this habit spoils them.

However, researchers have been interested in analyzing this issue and have concluded that this statement is not entirely true. The truth is that sleeping with your children could have multiple benefits. In this article we share some of them.

Security: a positive factor in children who sleep with their parents

Many parents have expressed that they do not allow their children to stay in their beds because they fear that they will not learn to be independent. However, James McKenna, the director of the Mother-Baby Behavioral Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame, has explained that the safest children are those who sleep with their parents.

During those times, they feel protected. For this reason, they can get rid of fears and anxiety.

In this way, they are filled with calm and see life in a more positive way. Because of this, they do not deny themselves the opportunity to face new challenges on their own and put their skills to the test.

The same specialist has found that those children who are denied this possibility tend to be more fearful. Feeling alone in some key periods makes it more difficult for them to control their emotions.

Self love

Lois Janda and Robert Lewis, two other renowned researchers, have also been encouraged to discover the consequences of co-sleeping. In that order of ideas, in 1988 they surveyed 133 women and 77 men who slept with their parents during childhood.

In the analysis phase they found that this habit allows self-esteem to increase. Well the children feel loved and, for this reason, they are valued as they are.

Consequently, it is easier for them to relate to others because they stop thinking about being judged. Likewise, for the fact that they believe that they can interact with tranquility and sincerity.

The family bond is also strengthened when children sleep with their parents

Scholars linked to the Revista Sanitaria de Investigación have assured that co-sleeping allows children to have a better affective relationship with their parents. In the moments before falling asleep, there is a lot of kissing, laughter and skin-to-skin contact..

According to that situation, children feel that all their emotional needs are covered. Also, that they can always count on their parents no matter what the circumstances.

For those parents who have a very complex work schedule, lying down for a moment with their children is an excellent alternative. That quality time is key to connecting and reminding them how important they are in their lives.

Added to this, it is vital for children to open their hearts and tell their innermost thoughts. For this reason, they manage to feel listened to and surrounded by the best care.

Things to consider

Despite each of the advantages mentioned, Many specialists say that sleeping with parents in the same bed is only recommended after children are over 6 months old. Adults can block the baby’s airway. In view of this, they suggest that the little ones rest in a single bed that has safety rails and is free of stuffed animals.

However, it is essential that this sleeping surface is located as close as possible to the parents’ bed. This is how they can react immediately when they hear a strange noise. In the same way, it will be possible to monitor that the child is not too close to the edge or has stopped being placed on his back.

In addition, it is essential to bear in mind that, although co-sleeping brings spectacular benefits, each family has the freedom to choose the option that best suits their needs.

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