Do you know what the symptoms of menopause are?

The time has come, the menopause It appears in our life. The fertile period comes to an end and the premenopausal stage begins, a difficult time with many changes, which opens the doors to menopause. The rule is gone, but the menopause symptoms, which sometimes represent a before and after in the life of women.

Physical alterations, but also piscological that can even cause divorce on many occasions. Surely you've heard of the symptoms, but … Do you know what they are exactly?


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Weight gain: due to metabolic changes, women when we reach a certain age we gain weight, added to the sedentary life that is sometimes adopted.

Insomnia: sleep cycles are altered by hormonal changes.

Hot flushes: It is one of the best known and most unpleasant symptoms for those who suffer from it. Heat, anxiety, sweats, palpitations … it is a very unpleasant process.

Irregular cycles: cycles begin to vary due to hormonal changes. The rule becomes irregular, and there are months that do not appear until the process is completely finished.

Vaginal dryness: At this stage the level of estrogen decreases which encourages vaginal dryness that makes sexual intercourse painful.

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