Do you know what the daikon is? Yes, you may have tried it in a Japanese restaurant (and do not know)

Have you ever wondered what that white thing is that they put on japanese restaurants to accompany the sushi or the miso soup? If it has happened to you: you are ours. Years and years eating it without knowing that it was a white radish.

We lived in ignorance, until we decided to open our eyes (and our palate) at the same time we put a white radish in our lives. Of Japanese origin, the daikon It is grown all over the world today and has a slightly spicy flavor. You can eat both raw and cooked and has become the last star of the network for its benefits.

In addition, it has very few calories so if you are in full operation bikini can become your perfect ally to lose weight.


What are its benefits?

The white radish It is perfect if what you want is to digest heavy meals, since it regulates intestinal transit and relieves the acidity of the stomach.

If we look at the traditional properties of this vegetable, radish juice can help combat various types of migraines and inflammations, so adding it to your dishes will always be a pro. Its high content in Vitamin A and iron They make it the perfect companion to give a little life to your dishes.

How to eat it?

It is very simple. You just need to wash it and cut it into pieces. If you're going to eat it raw you can use even the green part and make a salad with mango and arugula, perfect for summer (and for the tupper). Do you want a healthy snack? You can eat it as crudité and spread it both in hummus and guacamole.

If you prefer to incorporate it into soups, cut it very very thin. And if you are going to introduce it in rice or risottos, the best option is to grate it so that it gives a crunch touch and mixes with the grain.

We still have not convinced you?

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