Do you know what the Belgian pyramid is? A new way to distribute food in your diet

Surely you know the classic food pyramid or nutritional pyramid that distributes the importance of food in our diet. It was created in the United States in 1992 and explains what foods and in what proportion we should consume them. The original pyramid has 5 floors and recommended that our dishes should contain 55% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 15% protein daily.

And of course, the Mediterranean diet It is another of the considered better known healthy eating. This diet includes at least two servings of pasta, cereals, rice …. (better wholemeal) with each meal, one serving of fruits and vegetables both at lunch and at dinner (or twice a day), of liter and half to two liters of water, consume dairy products daily, consume plenty of fish, moderate eggs and avoid red meat.

But if we leave these two food guides when programming our menus and healthy eating, we find a new food pyramid that until now we have not heard: the Belgian.

What is the Belgian pyramid (or rather, triangle)?

Thanks to advances in knowledge of food and good nutrition and its benefits, for many the original pyramid became obsolete. The first to want a change in food were the Belgians and for this reason in 2005 the Flemish Institute for a Healthy Life in Belgium created the so-called Belgian Pyramid (Voedingsdriehoek, in its original name).

This new conception of the food order forgets the pyramid and shown in an inverted triangle, that is, with the point down in which it prioritizes fruits and vegetables along with healthy fats and fiber. Secondly, dairy and proteins such as fish, chicken, eggs, cheese … and as a base, and as foods to avoid red meat, processed foods, alcohol, butter …

Belgian Pyramid Chart

Vegetables take center stage

In the largest and most important space above, the fruits and vegetables in addition to legumes, cereals, seeds and nuts that must be what we consume the most on a daily basis. This will help us lose weight by controlling calorie intake and will help improve digestions since they are easier to digest.

On his second floor dairy products such as milk, cheese or yogurt, fish, white meats are included such as chicken, rabbit, pork loin, turkey or lamb, among others … and eggs.

At the bottom of the triangle, the smallest area and that implies that it is consumed to a lesser extent in our day to day, there are red meats such as beef or beef and butter, as well as processed foods.

What are the "extras" of the Belgian pyramid?

In addition to these three large groups, we find some extras that the Belgians propose to make our diet even more balanced. The first of the extras is above everything and refers to the importance of drink enough water and stay hydrated throughout the day

Processed foods are totally limited and confined in that red warning circle: sugary or alcoholic drinks, sausages and processed meats as well as foods with a lot of sugar: industrial pastries.

What do you think of this new food pyramid that perhaps you did not know? Do you switch to Belgian food or stick with the Mediterranean diet?

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