Do you know what is the secret of happiness? According to a study, they clean up for you

Surely you are one of those who keep their house in the deepest order, especially since Marie Kondo entered your life. Not without effort, surely your mother would be very proud of your work when it comes to keeping the house like the jets of gold. But yes, it's not easy work. And also, the home clean, although it surprises you, it is intimately linked with many factors. The first is sex (we know you're making a strange face, but we told you here) and the second, the happiness.

And we do not say it, a study of the Harvard Bussines School has studied the impact of cleanliness in everyday life.

In the research, 4,500 volunteers from the US, Canada and the Netherlands were surveyed about their cleaning habits. They were asked if they would pay for someone to do the housework that they did not enjoy and 28% acknowledged that they would, because they would have more time to dedicate themselves to tasks and hobbies that made them feel good.

The researchers concluded that the people who ordered other tasks from home were happier and more satisfied than those who did not, and also that their levels of anxiety and stress were lower, since most people conceive of taking over the tasks domestic as a burden that reduces their free time.

You know, if you want be happy and have good sex… the key is cleaning your home. Everything is to try.

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