Do you know what is the key to happiness? To be single

If we write down in a notebook the times they ask us "And the boyfriend for when?" sure we would collect about 100. We are sure that the number, as we increase in years, also grows. If the other day we told you that science had found the perfect answer to the eternal question: single women have more (and better) orgasms; today, a study carried out by the piscológo Paul Dolan, professor of London School of Economics He has given us another answer, just as valid and important as the previous one: single women are happier and could even live longer.

A perfect datum to emphasize in family meals and at Christmas parties to silence anyone who judges your love life. And, the arguments of the study are completely true: when we talk about marriage, they win while we lose.

Their arguments are based on a recent study published by the American Time Use Survey, which shows why marriage feels better to men than women.

Gender issue

Unfortunately, even today we can affirm that when they get married they do not lose anything, and they can even increase their success in their professional life and their years of life, since they are more cared for and protected by their partner, which allows them to grow more during the marriage, without losing anything.

What happens to them, then? When they get married, they lose job opportunities and life expectancy, as the stress of marriage can worsen physical and mental illnesses, according to science. Motherhood reduces pre-professional success and the burden of children closes doors while men do not have any extra effort.

Do not be scared if you are happily married, this is just a study. However, if you are single, you want to live longer and be happy in the long term … you know: the key is to flee from marriage.

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