Do you know what foods help keep you hydrated?

Summer fruits They are the best food to prevent dehydration. Remember that melon or watermelon are made up of almost 95% water. In addition, they are very versatile: almost all seasonal fruits can be used in fruit salad, salads and cold soups.

Green salad. "The vegetables of green leaves, like the lettuce waves spinach, are great allies, because they have similar percentages of water to those of fruits. The celery It is another vegetable with a high water content, "explains Natalia Galán, nutritionist at Blua de Sanitas.

Rice and yogurt. If you need an excuse to eat paella, use the hydration boost. When cooked, this food accumulates up to 70% water. And for dessert, yogurt, which facilitates the absorption of water in the intestine.

Warning signs

Our body needs water to perform its functions, from regulating its temperature to lubricating the joints. If we lose 2% of the water in our body, we feel thirst, discomfort and lose our appetite. If the loss increases to 5%, the drowsiness, headache and nausea. Above 10% loss, we begin to rave.

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