Do you know what carob flour is? The perfect chocolate substitute

You live for that Ounce of chocolate What do you take after eating? It is one of the times of the day that make you happier. No doubt. You are in love with cocoa in all its versions. If you could incorporate it into all your meals, you would do it without blinking. But … What if we told you that we found the perfect chocolate substitute (and no, it's not sex)? With fewer calories, more nutrients and perfect for making cakes, desserts and recipes.

It's about the Carob flour. A powder that is obtained from a legume present in the pods of carob trees, which was once an important food resource in times of shortage. Today, these pods are used for animal feed, but their uses do not stop there. Carob flour is used for many recipes as a substitute for cocoa. Desserts, sauces, drinks and especially pastries.

Goodbye chocolate, hello carob.

Where does it come from?

Carob is the fruit of carob. A Mediterranean tree that appears in the form of legume, so it has pods with seeds inside. How is the flour obtained? Toast the dried pods and then grind them and obtain the fine powder that resembles the flour. The best thing is that you don't have to cook it, so you can add it to yogurts, milkshakes …

Which has benefits?

It is a very healthy prebiotic because it helps improve intestinal flora. In addition, it helps prevent gastrointestinal problems due to its antioxidant content and its anti-inflammatory power.

What more could you want? We believe that a clear competitor has come out of chocolate. For now, we know where we are going to go when we leave the office … Yes, to buy carob flour.

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