Do you know what a Bartholin cyst is? Spend more than you think

Yes to the question of "Do you know your vagina?" The answer is "no," experts would lay hands on their heads. And, knowing how it is in the first person is essential to identify abnormalities or possible infections.

What is a Bartholin cyst?

The Bartholin glands They are located at the edges of the vaginal opening. What function do they have? These glands expel a fluid that helps in the process of lubricating the vagina.

On some occasions, the openings of these glands are clogged preventing the expulsion of fluid resulting in a heartburn that is called Bartholin cyst, which is painless as long as it does not get infected. What happens if it does? That a small portuberance is formed that has pus inside, that is, an abscess.


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How is it treated?

It depends on the size, the degree of pain it produces and how the infection is. To recognize it, it is essential to know yourself and notice that something has changed in your genitals. Many times it can be solved with a homemade disinfection with heat pads to soften it and an extraction with clean hands carried out with sterile gauze if it burst only. However, on other occasions, especially when the size is large and the infection is worrying, it should be carried out with surgical drainage.

What are your symptoms?

Continuous discomfort, pain when sitting or walking, pain in sexual intercourse or fever can be some of the symptoms of this cyst that normally is found only on one side of the vaginal opening, not both at the same time.

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