Do you know the problems that exist for your health when going to bed late every day?

The few hours of sleep are detrimental to your health, as they cause all these difficulties. We tell you.

Last update: 21 September, 2022

Just like exercising and eating a balanced diet, sleep is essential for good health. It allows the body to recover from the stress accumulated throughout the day. In addition, it protects the immune system.

On the other hand, it is key for blood pressure to be regulated. It is also necessary for optimal mental health. In addition to this, it allows hormonal levels to balance.

Nevertheless, Many adults go to bed late and cannot sleep the 8 hours that are essential. Consequently, they are exposed to complex problems. Below we detail each of them.

1. Obesity

A group of researchers from the Weill Cornell Medical College (Qatar), were interested in discovering if lack of sleep affected metabolism. Thus, they conducted an important study.

In this, they analyzed a total of 522 patients and, being in the analysis phase, they found revealing results. They realized that those who did not get enough sleep were up to 72% more likely to become obese.

2. Worse concentration and learning

When a person does not get a restful sleep, cognitive ability begins to deteriorate. For this reason, attention skills, alertness and reasoning are affected.

In this way, it becomes quite difficult for him to pay attention to the explanations and retain new concepts. In addition, it is difficult to evoke stored memories.

3. Loss of sexual desire

Going to bed late makes people feel more irritated and less energetic. In that order of ideas, interest in the pursuit of pleasure is lost because these factors reduce libido.

This was shown by research published in The Journal Of Sexual Medicine. The experts analyzed the sensory response of the clitoris and found that it had a considerable decrease in women who did not get enough sleep.

In addition, it was also corroborated by a study carried out by the University of Michigan. They found that testosterone levels are lower in men who miss sleep.

4. Stress and depression from going to bed late

The moment people sleep, they can release tension and feel restored. When that process is not carried out optimally, they wake up in a bad mood.

In view of this, they are unable to manage their emotions and let themselves be overcome by anguish. In addition, they act with anger because they come to believe that everything is going to go wrong for them.

On the other hand, they are more likely to suffer from depression or anxiety. Irritability does not allow them to appreciate positive things or give space to happiness.

5. Other additional issues of staying up late

The few hours of sleep are very detrimental to the immune system because they prevent it from working as it should. As a result of this situation, weaken it and make people more exposed to viruses.

Finally, the chances of accidents increase. Too little sleep impairs reflexes and the ability to react.

By going to bed late, glucose levels tend to rise the next morning.

What can be done to sleep well at night?

It is a reality that there are a large number of habits to achieve a pleasant sleep. First, It is essential to always go to bed at the same time. That way, the body can get used to it and be predisposed.

Second, it is crucial not to eat too much at night or drink caffeine. In addition, it is vital to refuse the use of cell phones or screens before going to rest.

Finally, it is necessary to do everything possible to isolate the lights and sounds. They could wake the person up unexpectedly.

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