Do you know the most famous mini pet influencers on the networks? Why are small dog breeds in fashion?

There is no doubt that pets are becoming more present in our livesand it is very common that the preferences of those who decide to have a pet are directed to the small or very small dogs (the latter also known as “miniature”), that is, those that in their adult age weigh less than 10 kg between 1kg and 4 kg, respectively.

This is shown by the latest studies of pet population: in Spain, 45%1 of registered dogs are of these sizes and are found mainly in urban environments. This last piece of information is not a coincidence since, according to the Royal Canin expertsThese dogs they adapt very easily to family daily routines and their care may be more affordable and affordable compared to those required by larger ones.

But the fact that they are dogs of small size does not imply that they do not present a series of characteristics and needs that, as owners and caretakers, we must ensure that we cover. In this way, Royal Canine has drawn up a very useful decalogue to care for small or very small dogs intended for those owners who are thinking of incorporating a pet of these characteristics into their home, with the aim of helping them to guarantee that their faithful companions have the best possible well-being and health.

Ten tips to take care of your pet, if it is a small or very small dog

1. Adjust your physical activity and your spacedo not need very intense activity and have a greater adaptation to small dwellings

2. Small dogs are longest-livedyou must be aware of their care and needs at every stage of their life

3. Take care of your Caloric intakethey need more resources to maintain their body temperature and all their organic functions.

4. In the colder months, avoid going for a walk between the first and last hours of the day, they are very sensitive to low temperatures

5. They show a greater tendency to tartar formation already the dental problems keep in mind their possible (and frequent) oral pathologies

6. Your urine, more concentratedincreases the risk of suffering from urinary stones, experts recommend nutrition and specific care when necessary.

7. Minimize your stress level (they are usually higher) as they have a greater presence in urban centers, they are more likely to be subjected to stressful situations that must be identified and avoided whenever possible.

8. You have to cover your nutritional needs. Nutrition is a key ally to guarantee the well-being and health of pets, since it helps to mitigate or prevent the appearance of many of the sensitivity factors. It is important to opt for scientifically formulated foods specific to each sensitivity, breed, size and age.

9. Within their special sensitivities, miniature dogs are more likely to develop Heart problemspay attention especially to murmurs and valvular diseases.

10. Due to their specific intestinal transit, very small dogs tend to present constipation and overweight. You must pay special attention to these two aspects to also prevent any problems arising in the future.

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