Do you know the dangers of stealthing?

Do you know what is the stealthing and the risks to which you expose yourself when this occurs? If so far you had not heard anything about it, Continue reading and find out about the dangers of stealthing.

As time progresses, studies in the sexual field multiply and with it cWe know new terms to name certain sexual practices.

Thus, a word of Anglo-Saxon origin has come to our day to realize about A terrible habit that can put a woman's life at risk.

What is the Stealthing?

The term "stealthing » refers to the moment in which The man removes the condom, in a non-consensual way, during a sexual relationship.

That is, the man removes the condom without his partner having knowledge of it. Thus, the word is appropriate, since stealthing means "secretly" or "stealthily".

If a sexual relationship occurs in which both have consented to the use of condoms, but at some point the man discards it, without notifying his partner, then he is engaging in this dangerous practice.

Alexandra Brodsky, a prestigious lawyer, has conducted an investigation on this subject, and there were many alerts that woke up when his study came to light in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law.

The intention of the lawyer was to raise awareness about this fact and that a law could arise that would regulate this dangerous practice.

The term "stealthing » It is currently used to define the practice in which the man removes the condom without the consent of his sexual partner.

What are the dangers of Stealthing?

Most of those who incur this are men, usually young. But nevertheless, This is not a matter to be taken lightly. In fact, the lawyer describes it as a type of violation.

The reason for the lawyer to consider her as a violation is that there is no consent from the woman, but it is violated and she is exposed to many dangers.

While this practice occurs in sexual intercourse between heterosexual couples, It can also happen in the case of gay couples.

There are several reasons why it is believed that man decides to incur the stealthing For example, some men argue that they feel more pleasure without the use of a condom.

Likewise, other men state that removing the condom without the couple noticing is a challenge, and this is exciting for them. In the case of other subjects, these do consciously seek a pregnancy, without considering the position of women in this regard.

Therefore, even if the sexual relationship is by mutual agreement, if the man executes the action of the stealthing, You are committing a type of sexual abuse.

This follows from the fact that, in the couple, both have agreed to certain conditions, but the man fails to comply with them, since the victim believes that he maintains relationships while being protected, when in fact it is the opposite.

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Know the real danger

This practice is really dangerous, since the woman could have an unwanted pregnancy or get sexually transmitted infections, such as syphilis, gonorrhea or HIV. But, this is not the only thing. The victim of this type of sexual abuse also has to deal with other conditions of psychological origin.

He stealthing It poses a risk to women, since it raises the risk of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. It can even leave sequels on a psychological level.

He stealthing It is a real risk for women

When this investigation by lawyer Brodsky came to light, Many women felt identified and expressed feeling betrayed by their partner. This article had a noticeable impact, and the stealthing It has been classified as a type of violation, both in California and Wisconsin.

In Germany, a trial was held in which this obscure fact was known more clearly, and even went viral, and in which the perpetrator received a sentence almost a year in jail, in addition to paying a high sum of money to the victim.

This trial meant a milestone in the struggle for women's rights, especially those concerning the sexual area, although it has not been the only one.

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What does the Spanish legislation say?

In the case of Spain, the Criminal Code defines sexual abuse as those acts that threaten the sexual freedom and indemnity of another person, including cases "Without violence or intimidation and without her valid consent."

The practice of stealthing It could well be cataloged clearly in such conceptualization, and the sentences can include several years in prison, as well as fines for two years.

Surely, the laws of other countries could also consider this practice as a type of abuse or violation, even if the word is not used stealthing as such.