Do you know the blood group diet?

When we talk about subsistence allowance, there are a thousand and one alternatives that we can carry out with the objective of lose weight. From the vertical diet to intuitive feeding, when it comes to losing weight, it seems, no method is good enough.

The last diet that has left us speechless? The blood group diet. Created by him Naturopath Peter J. D'Adamo (author of 'Blood groups and food', with more than 7 million copies sold in the world) is based on the theory that we process food differently according to our Blood type.

According to the specialist, "If you follow a diet according to your group, you will have better digestions, you will lose weight, you will notice more energy and you will avoid diseases," he says.

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What kind of food belongs to him, according to the Blood type?

To group 0: diets rich in protein and poor in carbohydrates.

To group A: legumes and whole grains should be the protagonists. "People with this blood group have a very sensitive immune system and they feel good about vegetarian diets," says D'Adamo.

To group B: This group is good for diets rich in vegetables, eggs, meats and lean dairy. Instead, they should avoid tomatoes, wheat, peanuts or corn.

To group AB: tofu, shellfish, dairy and green leafy vegetables. Cured meats and alcoholic beverages are 'toxic' for this group.

How true is there in this theory?

According to the Researchers at the University of Toronto (Canada), it is not very reliable. In a study carried out at this same university, they discovered that "the blood group had nothing to do with the way their body responded to food." Its conclusion was based on the ease of losing weight of any diet that neglects sugars and ultraprocesses.

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