Do you have tired legs? Well, have a cup of cocoa three times a day

If you are one of those who complains that doctors take away everything you like, pay attention to this study. Apparently, thanks to its high content of antioxidant flavonoids (especially in epicatechin), hot cocoa cups can help you walk more and better because this substance increases the blood circulation.

That affirms a study conducted by the Northwestern University of Chicago (and published in the American Heart Association's Circulation Research magazine) in which they chose a group of people with Peripheral arterial disease to drink a cup of cocoa three times a day for six months. After that time, those who had included this food in their diet walked further than those who had not drunk cocoa.

The Peripheral arterial disease it involves a narrowing of the arteries and causes pain, oppression and cramps in the leg muscles when walking. The people who suffer from it, mostly older, have walking difficulties because your leg muscles are not getting all the oxygen what do you need. The results of this study suggest that consuming cocoa on a regular basis helps to protect the calf muscles.

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In addition, the researchers found that cocoa achieved other improvements in muscle health: Increased mitochondrial activity (which helps cells get energy) and capillary vessel density, making it easier for more oxygen to reach tissues during exercise.

While the study authors continue to study whether hot chocolate can be a good remedy against this disease (the group of volunteers was only 44 people), we advance the recipe that can make your legs, tired but not sick, can take advantage of the virtues of cocoa: drink 15 grams (always without sugar) three times a day.

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