Do you have this strange mark on the ear? You should know that it says a lot about your health

We all have brands in our bodies, but if they are there many years ago, it is likely that we will not even question if it is something that should concern us or not. However, there are some of them that can affect us a lot about our health.

This is the case with Frank's sign, a diagonal fold in the lobe of the ear. It is named in honor of Dr. Sanders T. Frank who dedicated his academic life to study the connection of this fold to different diseases.

Take a mirror and watch your ear. Do you have this brand? Here we tell you what it means.

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Degrees of crease

The first thing you should know is that this fold can take different forms:

  • Grade 3: a deep crease around the entire ear lobe
  • Grade 2b: Wrinkled more than half of the ear lobe
  • Grade 2a: a superficial fold through the ear lobe
  • Grade 1: a small amount of wrinkles in the lobe of the ear

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Your link with health

According to an investigation that was presented in the Congress of Cardiovascular Diseases organized by the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC) in 2014, the presence of a diagonal fold in the lobe of the ear is directly related to the condition of heart attack.

They have reached this conclusion after analyze 300 subjects to whom photographs of both ears were taken, classifying them according to the characteristics of the fold -bilaterality, inclination, length and depth-. Subsequently, the clinical history was studied to relate those who had a history of cardiovascular disease (infarction or stroke). Of the subjects studied, 31% presented the diagonal fold in the lobe.

Experts argue that the ear is, along with the nose, the only organ that grows throughout life, so when a person suffers arteriosclerotic disease also suffers small vascular lesions in various areas. In the case of these injuries on the ear, unequal growth originates encouraging the fold.


According to the experts who endorsed this study, those people who present the fold and have not been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, it is recommended that a check be done, because it is very likely to be hypertensive, diabetic or hypercholesterolemic and, they may need treatment to control these risk factors and prevent future cardiac complications.

And you, do you have this crease in your ear?

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