Do you have recurring candidiasis? It may be because of this

Itching, stinging, discomfort … these are some symptoms of candidiasis. One of the conditions that most women suffer in their day to day. It is not a disease, nor a serious issue, however, this fungus can cause a lot of discomfort, especially if this infection is recurrently suffered.

Although the symptoms of candidiasis are usually evident, it is often confused with irritation or a simple itching. If you are from the group that suffers from it in an assiduous way (we are with you and also, with knowledge of cause), aim, because to end the problem, you must know exactly what could be causing it.


At least 80% of women experience candidiasis throughout their lives, according to Medzino Health. However, there are women who are more likely to get these infections than others because of several factors.

According to doctors, the reasons may vary, but there are patterns that repeat themselves. The first thing is to identify what is candidiasis and not some other infection, because if you have self-diagnosed, you may not be right. However, if you have been diagnosed by a gynecologist, and it is repeated in the same way in a variety of occasions, there is no doubt: you have candida. And it can be for these reasons:


Very few people know this, but if the doctor has prescribed antibiotics to fight an infection, it is likely that in addition to eliminating the 'bad' bacteria from your body, you have also taken the 'good' ones. That is, it has taken everything, leaving your flora unbalanced. These bacteria known as lactobacillus are responsible for keeping the pH of the vagina balanced, so if antibiotics unbalance it, it is much easier to cause candidiasis. A solution? Take probiotics while you are on treatment, especially if it is recurrent that you get this infection. The best way to fight against the fungus is both orally and vaginally and you can even combine both for a much more complete effect.

Condoms and soaps

Candidiasis is caused by any external factor that can change your vaginal flora. Some types of condoms, spermizide or even sperm can change the pH of your flora. Intimate soaps can also unbalance the vaginal flora, so overuse can be counterproductive.


Stress plays an important role in cases of candidiasis, according to a study carried out by the German doctor Ceppie Merrye in 2013. And, psychological factors are very important in this type of conditions: stress can cause fluctuations in the levels of estrogen, which can unbalance the flora and cause a candida infection. If you notice that when you are stressed the number of candidiasis increases, try to control it, through two ways: a healthy life, a restful sleep, sport and healthy eating, in addition to the intake of probiotics that will help your flora to recover, especially if you have had antibiotic treatments.

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