Do you have gas? Foods (somewhat curious) that will help you end them

The gases They can come into your life for various reasons. Stress, tiredness, poor diet … whatever the reason, we agree on something: they are very annoying. And suffering them every day is not a good taste dish under any circumstances. Although there are drugs that try to remedy them, food is the key to coping with them. Artichokes, sweeteners and dairy products can provoke them (here we have compiled the 17 foods that produce the most gases), but there are certain foods that will help you reduce them and, above all, better digest the foods that produce them.

The best? You surely have them at home and it costs you nothing to introduce them into your daily diet. Read on, because the gases are gone.

The Mint

You never would have thought, but mint is a great ally when it comes to helping fight gases. It is a carminative leaf, which is why it is known as a tonic for the digestive system. Helps digest legumes and high-fat foods. How to take it? Two or three sheets a day. You can include it in your morning smoothie.


It is one of the least loved vegetables when it comes to salads. Its bitter taste interferes with the discharge of bile, a substance that helps the digestion of fats, making it easier to digest what you eat if you add it to your daily diet. In addition, it is rich in fiber, so it will help you go to the bathroom.


Last summer we were already talking about the benefits of papaya, an undervalued fruit that is just as beneficial as pineapple. Antioxidant and diuretic, it contains digestive enzymes (bromelain and papain) that help when we need to digest protein.

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Apple cider vinegar

It is Miranda Kerr's beauty secret and has multiple anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. Being fermented, it is very beneficial for the intestinal microbiota, which should be as balanced as possible to avoid gases. A tablespoon a day is sufficient.


Due to its properties, it should always be one of the main ingredients of a detox shake. High in Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C, it stimulates digestion and the production of bile if you take it at the beginning of each meal. 1 tablespoon a day will suffice.

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