Do you feel tired all the time? This is what you should do to remedy it

If in spring there is what is known as spring asthenia, in autumn we have seasonal affective disorder. With the early evening, you may notice a physical, mental, and mood slump shortly into the afternoon. There are fewer hours of daylight and the body notices it. Many feel more tired, as if a slab fell on his eyelids causing drowsiness. And at the end of the day, whether you are a young person of 20 or 30 years or an adult of 40 or 50, This should not be like that.

What to do about it in case we lack energy? Why is it that even if you sleep a lot or spend most of the day sitting or lying down, you still feel 'stop dragging'? The most common answer is found in lifestyle. If you feel very tired it may be because you are not getting enough sleep (or you also don't get the desired quality of sleep that makes you feel rested), because you eat badly (Beware of substances such as alcohol, which, in addition to being very dangerous for health in general, also greatly influence our sleep) or why don't you exercise (Physical activity makes you get to bed exhausted, conditioning the body to rest more and better).

"There are a lot of essential tasks that your brain performs when you are asleep and coffee inhibits all these mental processes"

The YouTube channel, 'Better Ideas', has launched a new video in which it explains what the reasons may be why, even having a good sleep routine, exercising or eating a correct diet, you keep feeling tired. If you think that the time has come to take off those legañas that always accompany you, keep reading.

A misuse of coffee

Caffeine is a powerful regulator of the central nervous system, hence it is used to keep us awake and to boost energy. Health recommendations put the limit at 400 milligrams, which would be a maximum of one cup of coffee. In the 'Better Ideas' video Joey schweitzer claims that it offers an effect that can last between five and seven hours. The problem is when you go over the dose or drink more than one cup a day, especially in the early afternoon. Although you may not notice it because you have no difficulty falling asleep, it actually still has an effect on your mind and body, hence you do not get a deep and restful sleep, necessary to stay wide awake the next day.

The key is to make contact with the bed for a while before turning off the light (about half an hour) and focus on a relaxing activity

"There are a lot of essential tasks your brain performs when you are asleep, and coffee inhibits all of these mental processes," says Schweitzer. Therefore, even if you think that by falling asleep you soon have coffee under control, in reality what you should do is do not go over the dose and, if you feel more tired than normal, try to reduce the amount you take per day little by little. In this case, the expert advises not to take this drink again after lunchtime.

Go to bed earlier (to wake up earlier)

It may seem like a very hackneyed advice, but the expert at 'Better Ideas' assures that the fact of get into bed about half an hour or three quarters of an hour before turning off the light, it makes you feel more rested the next day. Surely many of us end up doing the opposite process: we just go to bed to sleep while we like to linger in the morning and stay longer.

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Not to mention the bad habits of checking the cell phone before turning off the light, which also causes the brain to send signals to the body to stay awake just when it is supposed to rest. Therefore, the key is to make contact with the bed for a while before turning off the light and focusing on a relaxing activity. And the next day, get out of the sheets as quickly as possible so that you don't leave home with the legañas stuck in your eyes.

Fix your circadian clock

This is another of the classic methods of making peace with Morpheus. The circadian clock is our internal clock that is regulated by the hours of sun and darkness. Precisely at this time when it gets dark earlier is when the influence it has on the body and on our quality of rest is most noticeable. An idea that we have already expressed comes into play here: the famous blue light emitted by the screens of mobile phones, television or computers. If you look at one of these devices just before turning off the nightstand lamp (or with the light already off, which aggravates the effect), your brain will interpret that there is a light source, so it will force the body to stay alert and awake, which will lead to a difficulty in relaxing and sleeping like a dormouse.

Create a space that induces sleep

Schweitzer says that it will be easier to get a good night's sleep if we eliminate all possible sources of light that may be in the room. The most common, that of the window: closing the blinds tightly and tightly, the brain and the body will interpret that the time has come to rest. But also, again, electronic devices play a very important role: if we have some kind of screen or led light in our room, This will send us unconscious signals that we should be awake when what we want is to close our eyes to immerse ourselves in some pleasant hours of sleep. Therefore, it is best to condition your room and prepare it so that there is as little light as possible.