Do this at night and get up with your abdomen deflated

The swelling of the abdomen, besides being annoying because it generates pressure and a feeling of heaviness, can make us think that we have gained weight, although in truth it is not like that.

If you wake up with a swollen belly, the explanation could be at dinner, since the most common causes have to do with what we eat and the time it takes for our bodies to digest it. Maybe something from the dinner may have caused gas or its combination was not adequate; or maybe the time we slept was not enough for the digestive system to process it completely.

To wake up with your abdomen flat, without swelling, and especially feeling good, do this at night:

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Include potassium-rich foods at your dinner

Bananas, asparagus, walnuts and other potassium-rich foods help regulate fluid retention, which is one of the reasons we may feel bloated upon waking.

Avoid bread

Starches and refined carbohydrates from bread may make you retain liquids. Thus, you will not wake up with your abdomen as deflated as you would like. It is preferable that you avoid it and choose, for example, to incorporate whole grain bread at breakfast.

Eat slowly

The swelling of the abdomen at night could also be generated by something as simple as swallowing air. That is why it is better to eat slowly and paying attention, that is, not to do it automatically. Your body will thank you.

Avoid large meals

At night it is preferable to choose light meals, which are easy to digest. If you opt for very heavy foods or very plentiful dishes, you will recharge the digestive system at night.

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> Massage your belly

When you lie down, if you feel your abdomen is swollen and can be gas, massage gently to release the air. Doing breathing exercises and / or gentle yoga can also help you.

Drink water with lemon

Lemon is a natural diuretic that can help you eliminate fluid retention. In addition, together with sodium bicarbonate, it always works as an excellent natural antacid.

Drink tea with ginger

Ginger can help deflate the abdomen. You can incorporate it into a tea and drink it before going to sleep.

just relax

Stress can affect our stomach and digestive system. Therefore, meditating, writing, reading or listening to relaxing music before going to bed can help to relieve inflammation.

Early dinner

Finally, dinner early. Your digestive system should be able to rest at least 10 hours at night. Do not overload it, respect the time your body needs to cleanse itself.

Will you put these tips into practice? Tell us!

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