Do the parents have a favorite child (although it’s hard to admit it)?

A study revealed that a large percentage of parents have a favorite child. Discover the information:

Last update: 04 March, 2022

Children are the most important thing for their parents, therefore, they are loved unconditionally. What’s more, In view of its relevance, when there is more than one child, they state that they do not have favorites.

Well, according to them, all their children arouse the same sensations and require the same care. This is because they are the most sacred thing they have in life.

However, a study published in the National Library of Medicine found that what parents say is not true in most casesyes In this article we tell you all the details of this finding.

The Favorite Son Study

In the analysis carried out by this group of scientists, it was found that about 70% of parents have a favorite child. However, in many cases these adults are not even aware of this situation.

The reasons found by the study have to do primarily with age. Well, it was found that parents tend to prefer younger children.

This is because they consider that they are more defenseless and require greater care.. Therefore, in many situations you focus your attention on them a little more.

Apart of this, it was also revealed that parents prefer parents who have values ​​similar to their own. This is because they share various points of view and can get involved in many situations frequently.

Do the children notice?

But the study also made it clear that the chances of children knowing that there is a favorite are very low. Well, generally, everyone receives quality care and love.

However, if the treatment is very disproportionate, the children will notice immediately. This is because all the time they will feel excluded and unloved.

Because of this, a toxic relationship is generated within the family. Well, The affected child feels that he is going to receive unfair treatment all his life and, for that reason, he comes to feel a deep anger towards his brother.

In addition to this, the situation also causes affected children to have drastic changes in their personality. This is because they get used to being elusive and distant because they believe that everyone is going to treat them the same.

Final reflection

Still, the scientists said they think it’s not bad to have a favorite child. Well, it is natural that people feel a little more identified with people who have a very similar thought to theirs.

However, they clarified that it is essential that children do not notice disproportionate treatment. Otherwise, they will harm their emotional health and the home environment will always be heavy.

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