Do not let COVID-19 into your house: leave your shoes outside

The COVID-19 outbreak that has spread throughout the world has forced us to pay attention to activities and actions that we carried out before without stopping to think about them. Due to numerous contacts, most countries have been forced to declare quarantines.

Likewise, information campaigns have been carried out to make people aware of the measures they must take to reduce the chances of contagion. Some of the most necessary are:

– Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, several times during the day

– Use alcohol gel in case you cannot wash your hands with soap and water

– Avoid touching your face

– Keep at least one meter away from people

– Cover with the elbow crease when coughing or sneezing

It is also important to disinfect everything properly, as it has been proven that COVID-19 can remain on surfaces for a long time. For example, this virus can remain active on clothing for one to two days, as well as on wood or glass; It can also survive on plastic and banknotes for up to four days. But one of the most worrying data shows that it can remain on the soles of our shoes for up to five days.

The COVID-19 in shoes

The shoes we wear are made of fabric, leather, plastic, rubber; All of these materials are sensitive to containing the virus. If we leave the isolation to make purchases or carry out some activity that cannot be postponed, we will undoubtedly wear shoes. Footwear is in constant contact with the ground in supermarkets, hospitals, streets, pharmacies and anywhere we visit.

When leaving the organism in droplets of saliva, COVID-19 tends to fall just over a meter away from the point of origin. The virus does not disappear, but falls to the ground. This causes our shoes to be a probable contagion factor.

It is possible to pick up the virus when walking or that the virus falls on the upper part of the shoes. In any case, we would be opening the door to this virus by wearing shoes inside the house, the place that we feel safer

It is not difficult to imagine that once the virus enters the home, the spread is quite likely.

How to prevent the virus from entering the house through shoes?

Understanding that this is another important measure that we must take to keep ourselves and our families healthy, we need to consider the following recommendations:

– Choose a single pair of shoes to leave home, this way it is easier to manage care logistics.

– When you return home, stop at the entrance and take off your shoes. There are different decisions that can be made: leave them on the outside of the home, place them in a secure area at the entrance, take them and place them in a place away from the residential space such as the balcony. The important thing is not to walk inside the house with these shoes.

No measure is too much to take care of our lives and that of our loved ones.

Let's stay healthy!