Do not be bitten by mosquitoes

You might think that the human race is the dominant species on earth, but nothing is further from reality. If the aliens arrived on our planet and watched us from a distance, they would undoubtedly realize that those who dominate are insects. It is estimated that there are some 200 million for each human beingCome on, they beat us by a win. Within them, the most numerous are mosquitoes. With this panorama one could almost say that we have to be grateful even if they make our summer bitter with some of their bites. If not, tell the American actor Stephen Baldwin, which a few years ago was forced to leave a reality show in Costa Rica after being stung by hundreds of them.

An invasive species

This summer, while enjoying a peaceful, sunny and hot morning in a hammock in MajorcaI was surprised to see how a mosquito bites me, in broad daylight, in the center of my abdomen. And in recent years the landscape has changed. Since 2004, the tiger mosquito has invaded the peninsula from the Mediterranean area to Catalonia. This insect, recognizable by having stripes similar to those of the cat, does not respect traditional schedules and can attack you day or night. It is part of the invasive species that have come to us from other continents and are another consequence of the globalization that surrounds us.

Disease transmitter

Of the thousands of species of mosquitoes in the world, this, the Egyptian mosquito and the anopheles, are capable of transmit different diseases with its sting like dengue, yellow fever, zika or malaria, among others. But do not be alarmed, for this they must have bitten someone infected before, which usually happens when visiting endemic areas, such as the horn of Africa. In addition, people who visit these exotic places usually perform the prophylactic measures recommended by external health. Despite that, occasionally there are outbreaks in Europe mainly due to the population from any of these countries. Do not forget that malaria (malaria) is one of the evils that plagues mankind and kills thousands of people every year.

Common mosquitoes are insects that, by far, bother us most during the summer. As we all know, they produce unpleasant bites with the consequent hive, which causes us an intense itching.

The tiger mosquito bites have grown in Spain

To prevent them, it is useful to wear long sleeves and long pants from sunset, preferably light colors. Also useful are mosquito nets, insecticides, candles with various aromas and traditional repellents in their different formats such as lotions or bracelets, the latter especially for children. Mosquitoes have a special preference for young or pregnant women, for people with zero blood groups or for the smell of sweat, especially on the feet. Thus, the runners who train late in the afternoon are one of their auspicious victims.

Homemade Tricks

There are natural remedies to cure bites, such as applying ammonia, salt, the juice of a lemon or chamomile. But there are ointments and lotions, to reduce symptoms such as itching and prevent possible infections.

But above all, we must try to avoid scratching the area, since we can extend the saliva of the insect and worsen the itching and, in the worst case, produce an infection that requires cures or antibiotic treatment. Allergic reactions are rare and uncommon in the population, and, beyond the discomfort, bites are not usually a matter of seriousness if no disease is transmitted.

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