Dishwasher: advantages and disadvantages

Dishwashers have become a very popular appliance that makes washing dishes easy. For many, this is an unpleasant job and they do not have enough time to devote to housework.

Nevertheless, not everything is rosy when you have a dishwasher, as it requires special care and implements for its operation. In this article we will explain the advantages and disadvantages.

The popularity of home appliances

Household appliances that facilitate household chores are becoming more and more popular. There are electric pots that cook automatically, air fryers that do not require oil and allow you to make healthier meals, devices that can control house functions, and robots that vacuum and mop.

These types of devices are now easier to access in homes. Even many houses and apartments have them integrated. However, not all of them are necessary.

Choosing the ones you want for your home depends on your family's lifestyle and your financial capacity. On this occasion, you will be able to weigh the positive and negative aspects of having a dishwasher, in order to make an informed decision.

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Advantages of the dishwasher

The main advantage of having a dishwasher at home is obvious, as it facilitates the work of washing the dishes in the kitchen. However, it is not the only one, since it entails other facilities that we will explain below.

Washing dishes is a chore that many detest. For that, dishwashers have been created that automate the process.

It is more hygienic

Have a dishwasher offers the advantage of sanitizing dishes and kitchen utensils because it uses high water temperatures. In this way, it allows the elimination of germs and fungi more effectively.

Even the American Cleaning Institute notes that many hospitals and restaurants in the United States are required to use this method to ensure public health standards.

Optimize water consumption

Dishwashing machines are often used when they are full; thus, optimize and reduce water consumption. Likewise, there are ecological models that make energy consumption even more efficient.

Contrary to popular belief, the dishwasher does not fill completely with water like a washing machine.

It makes it possible to forget about drying the crockery

With a dishwasher, drying the dishes is no longer a task at home. The utensils come out clean and completely dry; ready to use.

Thus, you will avoid putting dish drainers that ruin the decoration from the kitchen or having to disinfect the rags to dry the dishes.

Save time

With the modern rhythm of life, saving time is a huge advantage to develop other activities, whether it is to be in charge of the children, pets, the house, study or work.

Therefore, having an automatic dishwasher offers the ease of arranging the dishes, putting in the detergent, choosing the desired type of washing, and disengaging from the matter.

Disadvantages of the dishwasher

Although the possibility of having a machine that washes dishes sounds wonderful, there are some difficulties in having a dishwasher. It is important that you know them before purchasing one to adjust your expectations and budget.

You need a special detergent

One of the main disadvantages of the dishwasher is that requires a special detergent that is usually more expensive than common ones. It must be a specific product because it adapts to the conditions of the machine. For example, it should not foam excessively and withstand high temperatures.

Therefore, automatic dishwasher detergent cannot be replaced by other types of soaps or household ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar or lemon.

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Need water pressure

In some houses the water pressure may be insufficient so that the dishwasher works correctly, especially if several sources are open at the same time, such as washing machines, showers and hoses.

Therefore, it can sometimes be inconvenient to start the dishwasher and do other activities simultaneously.

Requires periodic maintenance

A dishwasher, like any appliance, is not exempt from breaking down. However, being a device of high complexity and size, its maintenance is usually expensive. So a budget must be allocated to pay for a technician and buy spare parts.

Requires a large space

Most dishwashers usually come in large sizes. If you have a small kitchen you should find a place to adapt it. You may need to give up drawer or furniture spaces to fit. You also have to make electrical adjustments to plug it in.

Does not work with all materials

Something that many are unaware of is that in a dishwasher not all kinds of implements can be washed. For example, wood can deteriorate and splinter.

Also, ceramic or plastic containers must have a label that classifies them as suitable for washing in these machines. Otherwise, they could melt and damage the appliance.

It is necessary to be careful in the way in which the utensils are located, because they can be damaged. For example, knives can rub against each other and lose their edge.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hand washing vs. dishwasher?

Not every home can have a dishwasher, either because of the cost or because of the water pressure conditions, for example.

Although we have already pointed out several advantages and disadvantages of the dishwasher and we know that it can be an excellent appliance to facilitate work in the kitchen, there are some benefits of hand washing.

First, You will not have to invest a large sum of money in the purchase of the product and the implements; neither in maintenance costs. In the same way, you can have your dishes available and clean in a few minutes, while with a dishwasher you will have to wait about 2 hours.

On the other hand, there are some industrial soaps, cleaners and detergents that have been questioned for their chemicals that can be harmful to human health and the environment.

Therefore, Hand washing allows you to use an environmentally friendly, chemical-free, homemade dish soap. It also allows children to be given simple responsibility to contribute at home.

However, if you are a very busy person or have a large family, a dishwasher will definitely save you time and effort. You will avoid damage to the skin and you will not have to worry about the crockery being half washed, as the machine guarantees complete disinfection.

Follow the instructions for use of the dishwasher

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the dishwasher, it is likely that you have decided to buy one for your home. To ensure safety, it is essential that you follow the instructions in the user manual.

This will minimize the risks that an appliance may have, such as fire, explosion, electric shock or personal injury. It should be noted that it should not be used for cooking or cleaning other types of items, such as gardening or tools.

The first thing is to do the correct installation, taking into account the electrical requirements. In the event of any damage, it is better to call a specialist technician. Handling of this appliance should be avoided by young children who could get burned or play inside.