Discover what your wrinkles say about your personality

When we talk about wrinkles, especially those that are more visible, we generally do it in a negative way. We would like them not to exist to have a young and smooth face again. But in truth, wrinkles are personal marks, they are lines of our lives, traces of what we go through. Therefore, we should not wish to erase them.

If you pay attention, not all people have the same wrinkles. Nor are they formed in the same places as you. Some are more aware of the expression lines on the forehead, others, the "crow's feet" on the sides of the eyes.

Wrinkles Wrinkles are personal and can reveal more than you think about who you are.

Do you dare to find out what your wrinkles say about your personality?

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Forehead lines

They are those that are formed horizontally, in a line parallel to your eyebrows. They reveal a cautious and somewhat fearful personality. You critically analyze things before doing them, and it is not easy for you to show your trust to someone or something. You take your time to feel safe, so in matters of the heart you can be a hard nut to crack.

Crow's feet

They are those that form from the corners of the eyes. They reveal smiling and somewhat innocent personalities. If you have them, you usually see life rosy, but sometimes that can lead you to hit the wall, more often than you would like. You must find the balance between not losing your tenderness, but also take care of yourself a little more.

Laugh lines

They are also called nasolabial folds, and are identified by creating lines similar to parentheses around the upper lip. They reveal cheerful personalities, but also quite reserved. While you enjoy being with the people you want, you are looking to find your own personal space and develop in what you like. Enjoyment is very important to you, but first you try to assure yourself.

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Puppet lines

They vertically frame the chin, that's why its name. They reveal personalities who find it hard to trust who they are and what they want. They tend, often, to adapt to others, not because they don't know what they want, but because of shame or guilt. It is time to take center stage and say what they feel beyond what they will say.

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