Discover the emotional meaning of anemia

Everything that happens in our body is, to a greater or lesser extent, the product of our emotions. At least that is what biodecoding means, the therapy that seeks to solve physical questions through work with emotions.

According to this science, anemia is the result of a strong feeling of devaluation, and lack of desire to live. Then we tell you exactly what is due and what you can try to improve.

Anemia: physical symptoms

Anemia is the lack of iron in the body, which in turn implies the decrease of red blood cells.

This situation generates a series of symptoms: pallor of the skin and mucous membranes, acceleration of respiration and heart rate, and marked fatigue. There may also be headaches, dizziness and ringing in the ears.

There are some external reasons that are commonly cause of anemia. For example, an abrupt change in diet, pregnancy, intense bleeding, among others.

However, if it occurs recurrently and without a clear cause, it is likely that you have to delve into the emotions to determine what is due and improve symptoms.

Anemia and its emotional meaning

In metaphysics, blood represents the joy of living. Therefore, it is considered that a person with anemia may feel that they have lost that joy. In extreme cases, it may represent the complete lack of vital energy.

In any case, anemia is related to discouragement and the inability to connect with one's wishes and needs. This generates a deep feeling of spiritual weakness, which manifests itself in the body.

There is also a devaluation. Anemia comes hand in hand with the feeling of not being worth enough. In that state, the anemic person may depend too much on the opinion of others, and take very little care of themselves.

How to face anemia from emotions

If you think that your anemia can be worked on emotionally, the first thing you should look for is where your creative capacity lies. Connecting with that part of ourselves is usually one of the best ways to recover self-esteem.

You need to start trusting more in you, and for that there is nothing better than to start giving you time to do what you are passionate about. Find more moments to be with you and do what you like, try to find those details that always gave you happiness and that today seem very far away.

In short, let out the child that is in you, the one who wants to play and take life less seriously. You have the right to have fun. Your value is not in the recognition of others. Do not forget.

As an exercise, you can repeat this statement proposed by Louise L. Hay:

I can confidently experience joy in all areas of my life. I love life"

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