Discover the 8 habits that we should all incorporate in the new year


It is important keep our body active. Do some exercise, whether moderate or something more intense, walking, doing yoga, stretching, playing with our children, doing squats, etc. Actually, you can take small steps to start activating yourself, simply substituting the stairs for the elevator is a big step.


We have to stay hydrated. We must observe our body and also know how to listen to it. You may look dry skin due to lack of hydration; or that sometimes you overeat, when in reality what your body was asking for was water. If you never drink water, an idea would be to set alarms on your mobile to remind you.


First we have to let our bed breathe a little in the morning, putting aside the sheets and blankets. And then doing it, it is something that causes you to start the day on the right foot, you already do something productive very early and you feel satisfied when you come home and the bed is made up. Also, just by making the bed the room looks more orderly.

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LEAVE the kitchen tidy after eating

A good habit that helps us increase our productivity and simplify our lives is to leave the kitchen in order after each meal. We must not leave it for later, because in the end we cause a huge accumulation of dishes and it will make us more lazy.

It is something that helps us to always maintain order in this part of the house: when we finish eating we should clear the dishes, clean the table where we have eaten, wash the dishes and order the ingredients that we had left outside. Then we will be left with a fantastic feeling of order and cleanliness.


We can make lists of almost anything. Lists help us be more productive and free our brain from unnecessary things. Some examples:

– Noting everything we want to do in the day helps us focus on our goals.

-Making shopping lists and sticking to them makes us save money and be more efficient in managing our pantry.


Pass quality time it's a good new year's resolution. Let's spend time with our children, parents, siblings, and let it be a time when we are present, without the mobile phone, and without thinking about other things. It is important to be in the here and now. Strengthening family ties is an investment: let's not waste a moment.


> Cooking is an art, but we don't have to complicate our lives. There are many preparations that do not require great skills: a salad with pot vegetables, some boiled eggs, a vegetable cream, some baked vegetables, etc.

Cooking more at home will save us money, and at the same time it will be an investment in our health. Let's learn to cook different healthy recipes, and we can even get into the world of meal prep or batch cooking.


It would be nice to accommodate our lives to our circadian rhythm. Live with the sun and gradually reducing the intensity of our activities as the natural light diminishes, so the ideal would be to go to bed early. It's something that can be tricky, but it's worth trying.

These are only eight habits that we can introduce in our day to day, but there are many more; we have to choose those that best suit us and motivate us the most. On the other hand, we must be aware that new habits are not established in our routine overnight, but little by little they can be achieved, everything is a matter of time and perseverance.

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And you, would you incorporate these habits for 2021?

By Minimalist Way.