Discover how many calories you will consume with just one photo of your mobile

Counting calories is a task that, although it is very useful for controlling food rations, can become quite tedious, complicated and boring. In the vast majority of products we buy in the supermarket we easily find the number of calories, among other nutritional informationBut what happens when we eat out?

Well, we have found an app that now gives us the ability to measure the calories of a plate of food with just one image. Foodvisor, developed in France and available for IOS and Android, is able to identify the ingredients that a dish has and Offer us your nutritional information simply by taking a picture.


Its creators were inspired by the photos that are made to the food dishes to upload to Instagram, and they gave it a twist causing them to become A quick, simple and reliable source of information.

How does this application work?

Indicate your age, weight and intention (lose, maintain or gain weight, or only eat healthy) and the application will recommend a total of daily calories to consume to achieve your goal, and will distribute them throughout breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.

From there it is your turn to indicate what you eat at all times. Its intuitive interface will allow you to obtain all the necessary information of the dish in front of you with just one click from the camera of the app itself and add it to your daily consumption.


Your software Food recognition identifies what ingredients the dish includes, estimates its quantity and offers a detailed nutritional analysis, In less than 5 seconds! Among the data it provides are, in addition to the essential calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fats or fiber. Of course, you can also modify the food by hand if it has not been properly labeled. To complete its use, Foodvisor also has a fitness and sports activity tracking section to see how many calories you spend.

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