Discover how a positive mind can improve your health

Did you know that a positive mind prevents disease and contributes to our well-being? This was stated by Johns Hopkins University after conducting a study in patients whose family history included coronary problems. They measured their emotions, energy, and anxiety levels, among other parameters. The results showed that, those who presented an optimistic attitude, were less likely to have a heart attack than their negative counterparts.

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Science explains that emotions like joy, hope, and happiness can help us make better decisions and relieve stress. Pessimistic thoughts, by contrast, weaken our health. Experts say that while an optimistic personality is innate, we can do a lot to train our minds through certain habits. They claim that while an optimistic personality is innate, we can train our minds by creating healthy little habits. We give you some ideas so you can start today.


Something as simple as smiling gives us a infinity of benefits. It relaxes us, increases self-esteem and generates closeness with our environment. There are even laughter-based therapies that prove it. Wear your smile and brighten your day or someone else's.


Surely you have many reasons to be grateful! Opening your eyes every morning and enjoying a new day is one of them. Keep a personal diary of all the reasons you feel good, no matter how insignificant they seem to you. From a delicious breakfast to a goal that you have achieved, thanking them opens your mind to new possibilities and renew your energy.


Did you know why Denmark leads the ranking of the happiest countries? His secret is hygge, word that does not have an exact translation, but is based on enjoy the simple things in life. This is because in winter the temperature is so low, that its citizens must spend more time inside their houses. Hygge it is synonymous with reading a book in front of the fireplace, covered with a woven blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. However, the meaning is given by you. Just ask yourself what are those little things that make you happy.

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There are many studies that prove the benefits of meditating. It consists of paying attention to our breathing through a simple technique. If you are a beginner, you can start dedicating a few minutes and increase them as you gain experience. If you have an accelerated routine or use screens all day, this practice is ideal for you.

Source: Ecoosphere