Did you know that there is a legume that protects you from carbohydrates?

There is a new superfood in our favorites list. What would you answer if we told you that we have found the key to being satiated longer and a very healthy animal protein substitute? Surely you are already jumping for joy; we too. The Mankai duckweed It is a variant of algae that condenses many surprises in its small (tiny) grains.

its high protein content It is one of its pros, but it is also an ecological alternative to animal proteins. Although its benefits do not remain here: it also controls the glycemic index after consuming carbohydrates, so it is a food that you must incorporate into your diet, if you want to have this field controlled.

play Marine lentils are similar to traditional ones, but smaller in size. Click on the photo to discover what are the essential superfoods in your diet.

According to a study carried out by the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), Mankai is the organic food superfood that was missing to incorporate into your diet. In the study, the body's reactions were compared with a carbohydrate-rich smoothie and with the consumption of this 'legume'. After two weeks, respondents who consumed the superfood shake had lower glucose levels and better levels this early in the morning and fasting.

In this food that is cultivated in a very respectful way in Israel, there may be the solution to all our prayers, since it is a source of high quality proteins and also, high in vitamin B12.

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