Did you know that there are apps to quit smoking?

The first step to quitting tobacco is make the decision to do so and have willpower. It is not easy, why fool ourselves and there is no miraculous method to achieve it. However, once you are clear that you want to do it, it doesn't hurt look for tricks and external help that can facilitate the task. And since we spent the day glued to the mobile, that push we can find in it thanks to smoking cessation apps.

As we said, they are not the panacea, but they are they can give you motivation to reach your goal. You want to try? These are some of the most popular.


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The Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) aware that tobacco causes 50,000 deaths a year and is responsible for 90% of lung tumors, has for years had a specific program to help you quit smoking with a success rate of 60%. With the aim of reaching many more people this program has been moved to a free app that stands out for its scientific rigor. The program is divided into four weeks: It begins with the reduction of cigarettes and ends with the prevention of relapses. In addition, he awards each achievement with medals to make the process more bearable.


This app has been created by the Spanish Society of Smoking Specialists (SEDET) And it helps you quit smoking through different practical tips that you can apply to common situations that encourage you to smoke. It also has recommendations for self-control to avoid the urge to smoke and how to cope with withdrawal syndrome. It even includes a video game of distraction with three levels that can be very useful for those moments when you feel an urgent need to smoke.

Smoke Free

Apart from the advice, Smoke Free is based on real data to show you the achievements you conquer every day and thus encourage you to continue without smoking. For this, it shows you the number of cigarettes that you have not smoked, how much money you have saved, how your health improves and the total time you have been without smoking. All this information can be a great incentive for those people who like challenges.

Smoking Time Machine

Are you looking for something different? In case the advice does not motivate you, maybe I can help you see with your own eyes what smoking produces over the years. From a photo of you, you can see how you will be in ten or twenty years if you continue smoking, in addition to knowing how your body will suffer for it. Maybe that way you want to light another cigarette …

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