Did you know that the key to your sports performance is in the intestine

The study. Of the more than 12,000 kinds of microorganisms that live in our intestine there is a family that reigns in the athletes: the Veillonella. Scientists at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston have inoculated this bacteria into laboratory mice and have proven that they run 13% more.

The answer. When we do intense exercise the muscles transform glucose into lactic acid, a substance that reaches the intestine and is the specific food of Veillonella. To return the favor to the athlete, these bacteria transform that lactic acid into fatty acids Short chain that return to the blood ready to give extra energy to the muscles of the athlete.

In supplement?

If you fantasize about the possibility that a probiotic supplement of Veillonella transform your body into that of an athlete … you are wrong. The researchers They warn that a probiotic could put the "athletic" strain in your body, but if your muscles do not generate lactic acid, they will starve and disappear. Nothing frees you from training.