Did you know that the excesses of holidays lead us to gain up to 3 kilos?

Summer is a time to enjoy: sun, sand, sea… being on vacation is often synonymous with excesses: the consumption of ice creams, sweet, fried, copious food, alcoholic drinks and uncontrolled schedules. The result? We fatten up 3 K, according to the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition. This makes it difficult to return to the routine many times, after a long rest time. It is not about losing the kilos gained as quickly as possible based on miracle diets or suppressing food, but to do it progressively so that the effect is the desired one, that is, to recover our ideal weight. The secret: healthy nutrition and of course, physical exercise.

In order to help us fight the dreaded postvacational syndrome, the nutritionist Carla Sánchez-Zurdo, of Deliveroo, gives us the following keys to resume the rhythm and get rid of the excesses of the summer season.

If you are not very water-loving … ally yourself with infusions! We can not forget the daily consumption of water, around 2.5-3 liters. In addition, if you like infusions and teas, there is a great variety with purifying and diuretic properties, which will help you recover the body faster, to readjust the body metabolism and eliminate accumulated toxins.


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Always, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Nature is so wise that in September it offers us very interesting fruits and vegetables to recover the form: such as lemon and grapefruit, both very cleansing if we take them on an empty stomach, the kiwi that helps regulate the intestinal transit, or pineapple, with diuretic properties. Among the vegetables we find cucumber, very low in calories, red and green peppers, squash, onions, the latter very cleansing.

It's time to burn eating! To achieve this, a good way is to eat foods that raise body temperature and speed up metabolism. That is, spicy foods such as curry, cayenne pepper or turmeric.

Do not forget the integrals! Like oat flakes, pasta or brown rice, being whole grains contain a greater amount of nutrients, and are rich in insoluble fiber, which favors intestinal transit and creates a feeling of fullness.

Take advantage and have a strong breakfast! You must recover your five daily meals: a full breakfast; a mid-morning fruit; a meal closer to midday than four in the afternoon; a yogurt or handful of nuts for snacks; and a light dinner an hour and a half before bedtime.