Did you know that the color of the food you eat indicates the antioxidants it has?

Antioxidants are essential for iron health. Integrating them into our diet will help us improve our diet and have better nutrition.. We already explained what they are, how they act and what is the best way to harness their power?

But now, thanks to the doctor in pharmacy and nutritionist, and known in social networks as Boticaria García we have an even easier key to find and detect them. Have you ever thought that color would help you discover the composition or benefits of a product? So that's it.

The color of fruits and vegetables will help you identify the type of antioxidant they have, since the pigments that achieve these colors are those that contain these antioxidants and consuming them is the best way to integrate them into our body.

What antioxidant does each color provide?

To obtain beta-carotene in our body, which provides vitamin A, we will have to consume orange fruits and vegetables such as carrots, squash, cantaloupe or apricots. If we want to take lycopene we will use the color red consuming tomatoes, red pepper, watermelon or papaya that will help us in the prevention of chronic diseases. To achieve the pharmacological and therapeutic properties of anthocians we will have to take into account the purple color from grapes, plums, blueberries or blackberries.

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The color yellow is in charge of containing lutein, indicated to protect vision, and we can find it in corn, yellow pepper or egg yolk. The white color is marked by having sulfur compounds and be present in garlic, onion and leek. And finally, chlorophyll, which helps the circulatory system, is found in green fruits and vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, chard, or broccoli.

As Boticaria García herself explains in her profile: "The objective of this infographic is encourage when we see "the colors" in fruits and vegetables we think about antioxidants that we take with us to the body when we put a "mouth on it". And that this leads us to want to combine them and, above all, to consume the more, the better. "

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