Did you know that pregnancy is contagious?

Talking about babies is quite common among friends, companions or neighbors. It's one of the favorite conversations when a certain age comes, but that does not mean it's a race against the clock or a competition between us. However, according to studies carried out by the University of Bamberg in Germany, who did some tests with 42 thousand women workers in different companies, could confirm that the year after one of the employees gave birth, the chances of their partners wanting to increase become mothers.

Another study conducted by the National Institute of Adolescent Health in the United States, confirmed that planned pregnancies were more frequent after a close friend had been a mother.


The reason is that many women have a great maternal instinct and when we see an alien baby we get excited. If the mother of that baby is our close friend, the chances of us getting pregnant increase, as self-confidence grows and maternal feeling is aroused, increasing the motivation and security to conceive.

Everything is a matter of a very strong emotional factor that touches our inner sensitivity. When that friend stays in state, something inside tells you that you can also and that it is not that difficult. This results in the unconscious acting and in the end we stop using contraceptives and we become a little braver and launched.

Psychologically, we are social beings and act in groups, so it is not uncommon for a pregnant woman to go a few more from her environment.

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