Did you know that avocado bone tea exists?

The avocado is the Favorite Instagram Fruit, There's no doubt. Alone, in salad, on toast or in smoothies, this green fruit with a bone in the middle has become the most photographed of the entire network. You are nobody if you do not put an avocado in your life, but if you thought that the only useful thing about this fruit was its green pulp, you were wrong. Because its bone also has infinite benefits. How? Made tea. We are just as surprised as you.

We all know the properties of avocado: its fats are super healthy and provides essential nutrients for a diet rich in fiber and potassium. But not only the fruit is healthy, but also the inside. We have been throwing away the most beneficial of this fruit for a long time, and the worst, without realizing it: bone.

Why? The 70% of the amino acids The avocado is found in its seed, and the avocado bone contains more fiber than any other food, hence it is used to make tea.

How is it done?

Very easy. You only need avocado and a pot. Cut the fruit in two halves, extract the bone and wash it only with water. Put it in a pot and pops to boil for 15 minutes over low heat. When the time is up, remove the bone and let it cool.

Which has benefits?

-Contains essential antioxidants to fight the aging of cells.

-Help reduce blood cholesterol levels due to its high content of amino acids.

-It also improves the defenses, has astringent properties and promotes the production of collagen (your ally to delay aging).

-It improves digestion and combats constipation since it is a great source of fiber, also helps to combat physical and mental fatigue.

We offer you the perfect menu: varied salad with avocado accompanied by this tea. Add lemon for the effect to be double: you will feel good inside and out. We are already running to prove it …

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