Dhyana Mudra: ideal to calm the mind after a hectic day

Mudras are gestures that are made with the hands in the practice of yoga and meditation. They are much more than a simple finger position: they are energy stamps.

Here we will promptly talk about one of them: Dhyana Mudra. It is known as the mudra of meditation, concentration and spiritual perfection.

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How Dhyana Mudra is made

In a sitting posture, both hands rest on the lap as if forming bowls. The right is located above the left. The thumbs touch each other. Arms and hands should form a circle.

Attention should be directed to breathing, calm. It is perceived with that energy seal the union on a personal level and with the Universe.

What does it mean

In this mudra, the bowl-shaped hands symbolize and reveal an empty interior, free and willing to receive when necessary on the spiritual path. We are ready to receive new energy.

It is always important to work inward our feelings and emotions, since they will determine the quality of energy that comes to us, by pure projection. That is: the better the energy that we vibrate inward, the better energy we will attract towards us and expand around us.

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– It is the most traditional mudra used for meditation practice

– Increase concentration

– Improves the positive focus on thinking

– Lets work our spiritual plane

– Serena and still the mind

– Eliminate stress

– Cleans and renews emotional energy

– Awakens inner wisdom; It helps to awaken the conscience.


– Choose a quiet place

– Avoid distractions

– Do not eat long before

– Use an incense or fragrance that you like

– Listen to calm music

– Do not strive to do anything perfect. Practice observation also with yourself

Remember: This mudra is especially suitable for not thinking about anything in particular, so it's just about moving everyday thoughts away. You can use it as a tool to relieve stress or heal an emotional wound, as it will help you connect with your inner being.


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