Detox waters: 2 benefits and myths

The consumption of water has become fashionable detox. These liquids are sold with the promise of cleansing the body and exerting beneficial effects on health. However, not all that glitters is gold: there are a lot of myths about it that we are going to describe to you.

Nonetheless, the regular and controlled intake of this kind of water can also have some benefits. In any case, it is recommended to always do it under professional prescription and that these never replace natural water as the main source of hydration.

What is detox water?

Water detox It is a drink that is composed of water, to which A series of ingredients such as fruit juices or spices are added in order to increase its nutritional value. Based on the contribution of micro and phytonutrients, it is argued that regular consumption of said liquid is capable of promoting weight loss.

Thanks to this situation, the state of health could be improved. The inflammation would be reduced and the visceral fat would be eliminated, which would improve the functioning of the organs. In turn, the risk of developing complex pathologies would be lower. However, there are quite a few myths in all these claims.

Water detox it is nothing other than water with some addition that provides antioxidants and phytonutrients.

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How can it be done at home?

Make water detox It is very simple. Just fill a jug with water, add some lemon wedges or other fruits and spices. like peppermint, ginger, or turmeric. Let the content marinate for a couple of hours. From here they can be consumed chilled or at room temperature.

The problem comes when some gurus They advise suppressing certain foods and replacing them with the consumption of these liquids. This has a negative impact on metabolism, as it could even increase blood glucose and cause pancreatic stress.

Others recommend consuming the waters detox prior to meals, in order to generate satiety. It is true that the consumption of water before food intake has been shown to be able to reduce appetite. However, we must bear in mind that these liquids have nutrients, such as carbohydrates.

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2 Benefits of detox waters

The punctual intake of water detox it can have health benefits. They are as follows.

1. Reduction of the incidence of complex pathologies

These liquids have a high content of phytonutrients with antioxidant capacity. An example can be those from turmeric or ginger (curcumin).

Regular consumption of these substances has been associated with a lower state of systemic inflammation, which reduces the risk of developing complex pathologies in the medium term, such as cardiovascular.

2. Delay in aging

The same antioxidants that we have told you about are capable of neutralizing the formation of free radicals. There is evidence that these compounds derived from metabolism are responsible for premature aging.

In addition, they also participate in increasing the risk of getting sick. For this reason, balancing the redox potential is essential to avoid the traits of aging as far as possible.

2 Myths of detox waters

Despite these benefits, there are several myths associated with water consumption detox. They are as follows.

1. They help you lose weight

There is a false belief that this type of liquid is capable of activating the metabolism, especially when consumed on an empty stomach. From here there would be an increase in the oxidation of lipids that would result in weight loss. However, scientific evidence does not support this claim. There is no study that has managed to corroborate the phenomenon.

2. Cure cancer

There are those who sell this type of water detox as a remedy against cancer, once the tumor process has already started. They promote that daily consumption would be able to slow tumor growth or even kill cancer cells.

The truth is that, although the contribution of antioxidants has positive implications in the course of the disease, the waters detox they do not have magical properties when it comes to fighting cancer. There are other, much more effective dietary strategies to improve the effects of chemotherapy.

The consumption of the waters with aggregates to form the liquid detox it does have some benefits, but they are by no means an cancer treatment.

Detox waters are good, but not a panacea

Regular water consumption detox, especially when it is well planned, can generate beneficial effects on the body. But nevertheless, they do not have miraculous effects as some people claim.

The key is to introduce them in the context of a healthy, balanced and varied diet. It should be noted that in no case should they replace water consumption, but rather complement it.

On the other hand, keep in mind that if you suffer from any pathology you must always go to the specialist. These types of drinks will not solve the problem on their own. You will need to take other types of measures, which sometimes translate into the use of appropriate pharmacology.