Detox diet that works: what to eat, for how long and the best advice from the experts

A classic of the first months of the year is to bet on detox diets. The nutritional “clean slate” is one of the controversial wellness issues. And to confess (and we feel the spoiler), it is surprising how many nutritionists defend the possibility of resetting the system, as supported by one of the latest studies by the director of the Longevity Institute, Valter Longo, which indicates that, even for those who follow a cleaner diet restart is necessary. The controversy is served.

The pros…

“Our body already has two fantastic detox organs, which are kidneys and liver, although the skin and lungs also contribute decisively. and there is foods who help these organs to work better so that we feel full of energy. I would recommend establishing healthy habits and betting, after the excesses, on fresh fruit and vegetables seasonal, whole grains, legumes, nuts… », says Andrés Ruiz, chef of the wellness restaurant of the Marbella Club, El Olivar. “They work when the excesses are something punctualwhich we can correct with a detox diet of the same duration”, clarifies Mario López, dietitian at Sha Wellness Clinic.


>“Detox diets can be counterproductive when they generate anxiety and are used as a dangerous compensation method. / DR

«If instead of a punctual excess we spoke of a usual dietary pattern, we would need to apply specific long-term dietary guidelines. The important thing is not to fall into models of extreme detox diets like those that cut calories excessively or are based only on juices or meal replacements. The real food should never be out of sight, except in clinical cases that require it, in which case the doctor will prescribe it,” warns López. For its part, the team of nutritionists at Flax & Kale has created the Intermittent Fasting Plan 16:8a three-day system with periods of 16 hour fastfollowed by periods of feeding for eight hours. “In addition to promoting weight loss, this plan can help improve concentration and mental clarityreduce blood sugar levels, speed up metabolism, improve sleep, activate longevity genes and prevent degenerative diseases”, says Mireia Cervera, nutritionist at Flax & Kale.

And the cons…

Nuria Cañas, nutritionist at BluaU de Sanitas, is in charge of setting the point of disagreement. “For those who do not have a good relationship with food, these regimens can be totally counterproductive, generating anxiety and using them as a dangerous compensation method. What’s more, detox diets are not recommended from the point of view of the normal functioning of the organism, since our body adapts the enzymes and the microbiota of the digestive tract based on what we eat and can not be prepared to digest certain amounts of vegetables,” he says.

You have to bet on nutritional plans based on real food, with colorful dishes and a wide variety of foods. / doctor

“As a consequence, they could lead to disturbances in functioning of this and appear symptoms such as stomach pain, diarrhea, gas, or bloating abs,” he adds. Chiara Corradetti, nutritionist at Clinique La Prairie Madrid, believes that the important thing is to bet on nutritional plans based on real food, with colorful plates and great variety of foods. «You have to be wary of detox diets based on smoothies, juices or broths based on fruits or vegetables, because not only do not burn stored fat, but can be harmful to health. You have to run away from the plans that drastically reduce calories, as they weaken the immune system, slow metabolism, cause loss of muscle mass and increase stress hormones. They are also not healthy those that reduce proteins and natural carbohydratesbecause they alter the hormonal system and increase blood sugar levels”, he concludes.

the final verdict

All experts agree on the need for a healthy and balanced diet. According to Paloma Ruiz, a naturopathic nutritionist at El Olivar, “if we carry out a detoxificationmust be study the state of the person, which nutrients are going to be eliminated and for how long. In short, what everyone agrees on is going back to a healthy pattern no excesses and no deficiencies. We’re sorry, but when it comes to health, magic doesn’t exist.

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