Detox Challenge: Free of charge and open to all public. Do you dare to do it?

At this time of year, many of us propose to start with good habits, we want to leave behind things that are not so good for us. How many times do we say “I need a cleanse”, eat better or start exercising so that the body recovers, works better, is calmer and more balanced.

The body naturally has the ability to detoxifyit has organs and functions specially designed for that, but nowadays, many times due to our lifestyle and the bad habits we have, we do not allow it to comply with this process (poor diet, little rest, a lot of stress or anxiety, etc.) .

All this produces a reduction in functioning and a greater accumulation of toxic substances that not only impair the functioning of the physical body, but also generate malaise and illnesses, but they affect our mental and emotional well-being and impact all areas of our lives.

It’s time to let go of physical, mental and emotional garbage, with the new detox challenge! Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says “Just as your mind is, so is your life” .Your mind determines the quality of your life. ayurvedathe ancient science of life, says that these toxins that accumulate in the body and mind bring different symptoms and diseases, so removing them is important to prevent diseases, regulate the digestive fire, gain mental clarity, strengthen, nourish and rejuvenate ourselves , help reduce excess weight and regain energy and enthusiasm, feel lighter and fuller.

  • The event will be free of charge through Whatsapp from February 7 to 13. It consists of:

7 Ayurvedic detox recipes

7 Thematic Mini Yoga Classes

7 Guided Meditations by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Includes Supplementary Material and a final live masterclass! Dictated by Dr. Yesica Garcia, director of the Ayurveda School of El Arte de Vivir and Florencia Cipriota, professor of the El Arte de Vivir Yoga Faculty.

  • About The Art of Living

It is a humanitarian organization, with the rank of consultant in the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. It has the largest number of volunteers internationally and has a presence in 156 countries. Her service projects, stress relief programs, yoga, and meditation have benefited millions of people from different cultures, faiths, and lifestyles.

In the context of the pandemic, More than 500,000 people participated in different free challenges organized by El Arte de Vivir; acquiring knowledge about yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and ayurveda. Its founder, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is a humanitarian leader who dedicates his life to extolling the values ​​that foster better social coexistence and personal well-being.

The Art of Living offers special programs to reduce violence in schools, rehabilitation of people deprived of liberty, the terminally ill, people suffering from addictions and communities in situations of social vulnerability.

It also participates in a wide variety of committees and activities related to health, education, sustainable development and conflict resolution.

Here you find all the info for registration!