Deodorants: what to choose to have protection without blocking natural processes

In the market for products for personal hygiene, we can find a wide variety of proposals. Among them, deodorants and antiperspirants. It is worth clarifying that they are not the same. While deodorants are designed to prevent odor, antiperspirants have the function of preventing perspiration.

In recent years, the concern about how damaging avoiding the body's natural processes can be, and perspiration is neither more nor less than a essential process to eliminate toxins. Thus, many have made the decision not to use antiperspirants. Most of these products has aluminum in its formula, that although it is not harmful, yes It blocks the pores of the armpit to prevent sweat from escaping.

What alternatives are there?

For take care of the skin and support the body's natural processes, it is possible to choose products that are aluminum free. Instead, you can choose formulas with natural ingredients. When buying, it is also important to pay attention to the packaging of the products and choose a alternative that is respectful with the environment.

A product that meets all these characteristics is deodorant Speed ​​Stick Zero% and Lady Speed ​​Stick Zero%. its revolutionary formula is aluminum and alcohol free, And contains ingredients that harness all the power of nature. You can get them both in stick and in spray. There is something for everyone!

Natural ingredients

Among the natural ingredients of Speed ​​Stick Zero% and the Lady Speed ​​Stick Zero% are the magnesium salts. Is about minerals extracted from the Dead Sea, in Israel, which absorb moisture.

In its formula there is also zinc oxide, a fusion of natural minerals obtained from the earth, which strengthen the protection function. In addition, they have the Powercore technology, the most advanced on the market to block bad odor.

The deodorant Lady Speed ​​Stick Zero% has coconut. It is an ingredient widely used in cosmetic products for its multiple beneficial health properties, among which is the ability to prevent irritation to delicate skin. In addition, it is antibacterial and moisturizing.

He Speed ​​Stick Zero%, instead, includes charcoal, which has detoxifying and antibacterial properties.

recyclable packaging

To be responsible consumersIt is important that we pay attention to the packaging in which the products we buy are contained. We must commit to reducing the waste we generate!

The Speed ​​Stick Zero% and Lady Speed ​​Stick Zero% deodorants Not only are they free of harmful ingredients, but they also come in fully recyclable packaging. In this way, it is a line that not only promotes the well-being, health and comfort of people, but also it is also friendly to the planet.